Social Support

Some folks just want access to the materials we have in this program. The methods and information on the site are enough for them to achieve their goals. Being pointed in the right direction is all they need.

On the other hand, making changes in how they drink is a challenge for many people. Either their own situation doesn't seem to fit the Moderate Drinking methods, or the techniques seem too difficult, or they simply have serious doubts about their ability to overcome their drinking related problems. For these folks, it can be helpful to read about the experiences and thoughts of others who are also trying to make, or have made, similar changes. Many also find real value in sharing their own thoughts, feelings and stories. You needn't disclose anything about yourself though, to benefit from the lessons others have learned.

We recommend that you consider at least checking out the Moderate Drinking forum to see whether you might find it helpful. Give it a try, and discover what is, for many, a key ingredient in their recipe for change.

Things to consider about web-based social support:

While it's true that you may find valuable support and insight from people you contact through the web, it's also true that web resources can waste a lot of time and/or become intrusive. With this concern in mind, we'd like to offer some tips to help you make the most out of the time you spend on the web.

  • Open a Google G-mail account. Some list serves are very active, and your regular email inbox can get filled up quickly with messages you'd rather wait until later to read. One solution is to open a separate G-mail account that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It will only contain information pertaining to your goal of changing your drinking, and can be saved and read for later. For your convenience, click here to go to the G-mail home page.
  • We encourage you to explore our ModerateDrinking.com forum, the Moderation Management list serve, and any Yahoo! list serves that seem useful. After looking around, focus on the one or two sources that you like the best. Then, don't feel like you have to read everything that gets posted; keep your eyes peeled for the contributors that you find the most helpful, and skim or ignore the rest.
  • Reading what other people have to say about their attempts to change can be both personally enlightening and practically useful. We also think there is a profound benefit to sitting down and writing about your own experience. It's a process that can clarify your values, increase your motivation, and gather you support from those who share your goals. If you then decide to share what you've written, your words may serve as an inspiration or comfort to others.
  • People tend to take a variety of approaches to web-based social support. Some people use it as a way to clarify their game plan and get started making changes to their drinking. Some use the social support as a way to maintain their motivation and mind set for moderation, once they've reduced your drinking and drinking related problems. Some people find it helpful to read about folks who are confronted with the same sorts of issues as themselves. Others seek the more practical benefits, using the advice and insight of others to help them problem solve, come up with strategies, or see old issues through new eyes. The point is to use these resources the way you want to, and let it go at that.